5 business benefits of implementing a workflow system in your company



Information about AI (artificial intelligence), BI (business intelligence – business analytics), robotics and automation is coming from everywhere. Well-known companies are already after or in the process of digital transformation. The world revolves around IT.

Is it the same in your company?

Statistically speaking, rather not. The truth is that most organizations operate with old technology or even analog.

The area of document and case flow, or so-called workflow, is not unique. There are many reasons for this, of course, but that’s a topic for another article. In this one, let’s focus on whether implementing such a system makes sense and what benefits we have a right to expect.

Should I implement a workflow system in my company?

When you think of a huge company it is quite obvious that such a tool will be useful. However, where is the limit?

  • Number of employees

This is often assumed. Is therefore 20 people working with computer, is already quite? Or maybe 10 is enough, but in a territorially dispersed or home office mode.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was assumed that 50 people was the limit, but that number was more for budgetary reasons (more on that below), because licenses and implementations were expensive.

  • IT budget

It’s hard to buy and implement a workflow system for less than EUR 10,000 net. Typically, budgets settle closer to EUR 50,000, and even those for EUR 0.5 million are not uncommon. Subsequent maintenance costs are also non-trivial. Now let’s add to that the internal cost, because without a lot of involvement of people from inside the company no implementation will succeed. The result? One has to agree that this is not the way for everyone.

  • Needs

Let’s not think about costs for a moment, but about needs – an approach often found in literature and commercial processes, and quite unique in practice.

Let’s imagine a micro-entrepreneur on a flat rate who provides services to one client. Would he need a workflow system? Not likely.

Well, and a micro with several employees or subcontractors, providing services to many clients? Rather yes – in such an organization there are processes with a repetitive structure, such as customer service: complaints, support/support, vacation requests. Such a company often uses external resources: accounting offices, human resources, lawyers, etc., which paves the way for further processes.

Will this entrepreneur buy a system offered in the traditional model? Not likely.

How much does he need to grow to be able to afford it? Become small? – Not yet. Medium? – you can start looking.

And the choice is there. We recommend the Dew-X workflow system, a low-code platform that will be sufficient for most companies, and in a completely free version!

BPMS implementation

Workflow system – business benefits

The list of benefits is very long and depends on the specifics of each organization. In almost every one, however, you can talk about these five basic reasons:

  • Process optimization
    Quite obvious. Everyone would like to eliminate documents circulating senselessly, delays, loss, stress during inspections, etc.
  • Control
    We want to see ongoing and completed cases. We want to be kept up to date without having to ask questions other than through the search box in the app. At any time of the day or night, wherever we are.
  • Optimizing work in a distributed organizational structure and when working remotely
    Before 2020, most companies rejected the possibility of remote work. The possibility of remote access to company resources was also questioned. Today, almost every entity allows such solutions. Moreover, many organizations recognize their advantages. This work model also presents challenges, one of which is the flow of documents and tasks. The workflow system solves these problems.
  • Flexibility
    Imagine that you want to change the way a certain type of document or matter flows. In the traditional model, you have to produce a procedure and distribute it to the participants, and it will still take months before everyone gets used to the new rules. Similarly, implementing a new employee will require familiarizing him or her with the organization’s rules. In a good workflow system, the new procedure and forms will be reflected in the process definition, and the rest will happen on its own.
  • Image
    What kind of company would you prefer to work for – modern or backward?
    Which company would your current and potential clients like to work with?

If we wanted to synthesize these benefits, two would emerge: reduced costs and increased sales. Miracle mix.

Bet on the Dew-X workflow system

Dew-X is the first truly free, simple workflow system – a tool for creating and managing workflows, issues and tasks, and file archives. Low-code platform available in the cloud or as a paid version on your server.

With the Dew-X system you can achieve each of the mentioned goals, and both by ordering the extended paid version and using the free version, which can also be used for commercial purposes!

Dew X workflow

Do you have additional questions about the Dew-X workflow system? Use the contact form available on the site, or write directly to the hello@dew-x.com – specialists will provide you with detailed information and clear up any doubts.

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