Pro publico bono

The idea behind the operation of the Dew-X System is to enable its use free of charge. Also for commercial purposes.

We want it to be used not only by large, wealthy companies, but also micro and small entrepreneurs, associations, foundations, universities, chambers, councils, schools, sports clubs, etc.

That’s why you will not pay a dime when you configure it yourself!

We put our conceptual work on the system and its implementation at your disposal – pro publico bono.

In addition to the System itself, you will also use several ready to use process templates. free of charge. You can build new ones on their basis.

Plugins, such as: Description field, Separator, Selection list, Tables, Dictionary or User Data are available free of charge. With their help, you will gain additional functionalities, simplify building forms and make them more attractive.

When documents and process instances begin to arrive in your organization, they will take up more and more disk space, load the servers and increase data transfer. In order for us to be able to offer our system for free to other users, we must limit the amount of space we pay. At the moment, this is 1 GB per user organization.

If this size will be too small for you – do not worry. You can delete unnecessary processes or buy additional space on a shared server at any time.

For how long the free space will be enough, you can read here: click