Additional space package

When documents and process instances begin to arrive in your organization, they will take up more and more disk space, load the servers and increase data transfer. Because we want to offer our system for free to other users, we must limit the amount of space we pay. At the moment, this is 1 GB per user organizations.

For how long the free space will be enough, you can read here: click

If this size will be too small for you – do not worry. At any time, you can remove unnecessary processes or buy additional space on a shared server.


Additional space packagePrice for 1 month when paying for 1 year in advanceNet price for 1 yearGross price for 1 yearDiscount size form the price of 1 GB
1 GB2,42 PLN29 PLN35,67 PLN0,00%
2 GB4,75 PLN57 PLN70,11 PLN1,72%
5 GB11,58 PLN139 PLN170,97 PLN4,14%
10 GB20,75 PLN249 PLN306,27 PLN14,14%
20 GB35,75 PLN429 PLN527,67 PLN26,03%
50 GB74,92 PLN899 PLN1 105,77 PLN38,00%


As part of our free services, we do not offer the possibility of restoring data and files deleted by users. This means that if you, as owner or administrator, remove entire organizations, all or individual processes, all or specific instances of processes, all or individual documents it may not be possible to restore them, even with our help.

Storage and recovery of deleted data and files

If you think that the inability to restore is a risk, we recommend using the paid service we offer – this will allow you to restore data and files, going back to the period declared by you.


Number of daysNet price for 1 yearGross price for 1 year
799 PLN121,77 PLN
14149 PLN183,27 PLN
21199 PLN244,77 PLN
30249 PLN306,27 PLN
90699 PLN859,77 PLN


The number of days means how long we will keep deleted data and files so that they can be restored.

Example: contacting us twenty days after deleting a process will allow us to restore it if you have the active “21 days” option, but after 30 days, we will not be able to do it.

Fees for restoring deleted data and files:

  • within each annual fee, first recovery: free
  • next:
    – withdrawing the operation of removing the entire process or folder from the archive: 150 PLN net
    – other recovery operations: 200 PLN net / 1 man-hour


  • Restoration can cover entire organizations, all or individual processes, all or specific instances of processes, all or individual documents.
  • Documents and attachments are saved only in the final version of the process instance, i.e. the removed attachments are not archived before the end of a given process instance.
  • Recovery of an organization will not reconnect its members – they will have to be invited and accept to join.
  • The restore operation is performed by the Dew-X Operator administrators, which means that it requires contact via to determine the range of the restoration.
  • Only the Owner and administrators of a specific organization are authorized to order the recovery.

Seperate servers (virtual machines of dedicated)

Would you like your data and documents to be stored on a separate server (virtual machine or dedicated server)?
Your own server means a lot of space for processes, documents and data as well as computing power dedicated only to your organization.

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Help in configuring Dew-X

Do you need help configuring Dew-X or additional functionalities?

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