What is Dew-X (how it works, costs, safety)?

The first, truly free, simple workflow system – a tool for creating and managing the flow of documents, cases, tasks and a file archive. Low-code platform.

What is workflow for?

For the automation of business processes during which documents, cases or tasks are transferred in a structured manner between subsequent people. The most frequently supported in this way are processes such as: invoice workflow, incoming correspondence, contract approval or vacation requests.

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In our opinion, thanks to the fact that availability limitations due to costs will disappear, new kinds of processes will become popular, ones which we did not even think of.

Who is it for?

Mainly for companies, but we hope that it will also be used by associations, foundations, chambers, councils, universities, sports clubs, etc., and after breaking a few psychological barriers also by the largest companies and institutions. It can be a basic document workflow system or supplement the existing one.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. We want our system to be available for free – pro publico bono.

We do not limit the number of users, processes or their instances.

Only disk space will be limited (beyond the free value), because unfortunately we have to pay for it, especially since this cost will increase with the system popularization.

Are my data and documents safe?


For Dew-X, we chose Google Cloud Region Warsaw.

The first technology hub in Central and Eastern Europe for a global provider of public clouds, which was created thanks to the cooperation of Google and the National Cloud.

For the Polish market we have concluded an agreement with Chmura Krajowa (National Cloud Operator).

Chmura Krajowa was established on the initiative of PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Development Fund. Currently it is the most specialized provider of cloud computing solutions on the Polish market. The aim of Chmura Krajowa is to accelerate the digital transformation of Polish enterprises and public institutions.

Great. How to get started?