How to get started?

This is the question many novice Dew-X users ask themselves.

Fortunately, it is very simple – just follow four steps ( eventually five) and enjoy:

Dew-X workflow system and file archive

  1. Create an account
  2. Create the first organization
    Once you register, the system will suggest it to you itself. If you give up this option, you can always do it later yourself – here you will read how
    You can have many of your own organizations and also be a member of other people’s organizations
  3. Select some process definitions from among the templates that we have prepared
    The system will suggest it to you itself. If you opt out, you can always do it yourself later – you can read how.
  4. Invite other people to your organization and give them appropriate permissions

(5.) if you are still not fully satisfied:

Now your company can already enjoy the benefits of a professional workflow system.


  1. Dew-X is not only a workflow system, it is a low-code platform with which you can build many other applications useful for your business. For example, read about Namespaces and how they differ from workflows.
  2. If you get stuck on any step, contact us – we’ll suggest (free of charge) how to move on.
  3. Perhaps what Dew-X offers free of charge is not enough. Maybe you need additional functionality? The commercial version has many of them, such as conditional flows, more possibilities of integration with other systems, installation on your own server and quite a few others. Get in touch with us.