Open up!

What does a modern organization look like?

Nowadays, more than ever, companies are opening up to the world – they are opening up to cooperation.

It has certain limits, for example, the distinctiveness of brands is unquestionably still very important, especially in the area of image, because emotions count in the purchasing process, and these are often strongly associated with the brand. It is no different with financial matters, which are also clearly separated, especially when it comes to taxes. But in terms of process or design, from the inside, the divisions pale a lot.

This history is not new, because for years, for example, outsourcing has been used (transferring some areas of our business to external entities: accounting, HR, cleaning, IT, legal services, production, service, etc.). Later, purchasing groups, white brands (giving their own brand to services and products of subcontractors), began to use the same parts, components, or even differentiate products and services only at the brand level.

It is relatively new to employ people who run business – and we are not thinking only about the reasons related to tax optimization, but simply about people who provide services for several companies at the same time. Departments are shared, e.g. research and development, marketing and sales. We participate in clusters, incubators, chambers. We share employees or entire teams of people and resources, e.g. offices and equipment.

One can get the impression that the distinctiveness of some companies ends with a unique VAT ID number.

All this leads to a completely different way of perceiving the organization of enterprises, which also affects the way of creating new ventures already at the stage of designing and implementing a business idea.

Maybe in the near future, in our galaxy, more and more teams of people, in various configurations, will provide value to their clients without focusing too much on the brand they operate under.

However you are working, Dew-X is already prepared for it.

Great. How to get started?