Electronic document workflow


Processes can take place in an analogue way, but when we talk about workflow today, software usually comes to mind, called: workflow management system (WfMS or WFMS) or business process management system (BPMS).

These are tools to configure, execute and monitor a defined sequence of processes and tasks. These systems can be process-oriented or data-oriented.

To illustrate the use of this type of tool, let’s imagine the flow of a vacation request.

An employee wants to take a few days of vacation leave and therefore fills out a vacation application form. This type of electronic form contains at least: the applicant’s first name, last name and position as well as the date range on which they want to be vacant.

What could the flow of this process look like? For example like this:

Holiday request. Vacation process

an electronic document flow system, subsequent actors of this process simply fill their forms (or return the process to one of the previous steps).

Many business processes are more complicated – below you will find an example of a professional scheme of an incoming correspondence process map:

Incoming correspondence diagram

You can find more information about electronic document workflow here: https://dew-x.com/en/about-workflow/

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