What is Low-Code?


Low-code (LCDP: low-code development platform) is the idea that applications are created faster by eliminating or minimizing hand coding.  Creation is possible in a graphical user interface using drag-and-drop, adding pre-made elements, etc.

It is said that the approach leads to “democratization” of application development. Business users, e.g. team leaders, project managers, or analysts with little or no programming skills become so-called “citizen developers” and tailor the system to the needs of their organizations on their own.

In the sources, you can also find the term no-code (NCDP: no-code development platform), which refers to a way of developing applications in which no manual coding is required.

Dew-X is at the same time a low-code and no-code platform, i.e. that most business goals can be achieved without programming, but if special effects are required, it is possible to enrich the application with components created by the developer’s hand-coding.

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