Virtual offices


Virtual offices, external mailing offices and coworking are great solutions.
They allow, among other things, to outsource correspondence handling.

How does it work?

After signing a contract with a virtual office, external mailing office or coworking space, the company starts using its address as its own – using it as a correspondence address.
Therefore, letters, parcels and other shipments are sent directly to this address.


And here comes several IT needs.

  1. Received correspondence should be registered
  2. The addressee should be informed about the arrival of the parcel
  3. If the scope of the service so provides, the recipient should be able to view its content remotely


Each of these needs can be easily met by the Dew-X system, and it’s free!

How to configure it?

It’s very simple and intuitive, but anyway, just in case, for ease of use, we provide links to the instructions at each point

  1. Create an account with Dew-X
    How to do it?
  2. Create a new Organization (e.g. Our Office)
    After registering, the system will suggest it to you, if you ignore this offer, here you will learn how to do it at any time
  3. Create a new process (e.g. by uploading it from a file – more on that below)
    The system will propose it to you, but if you ignore this proposal, here you will learn how to do it later
  4. Invite users
    Note: your staff – as people from inside the Organization, and customers as people from outside the Organization)
    How to do it?

that’s all!

Incoming Letter in Dew-X

How to use?

Completing tasks – starting a process
Completing tasks – new task in a process
Completing tasks – last activity in a process

Something extra

For those who take advantage, we have two great offers (for free):

  1. We will send you a ready process template (just upload it)
  2. We will help in configuration as part of remote consultations

This offer is time limited, so don’t delay.

Already have a correspondence system?
Great – check if Dew-X will give you and your clients additional value.
We are sure that it will – you will optimize your other internal processes.

You can read more about Dew-X here:

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