Some deserve another chance



When we complete our assigned tasks sometimes does not depend on us alone, e.g. we are waiting for some external data or suitable weather, or the issue is postponed by external institutions, etc.

Sometimes the execution of a given step is not important and we can afford to postpone it many times.

There are also times when it’s difficult to predict how much time in a particular case should be assumed for its completion.

If when creating or editing a process definition we take these or other cases into account, we can use the “Retry” functionality.

You can find it below the “Deadline (hours)” function.

Retries in Dew-X

Number of retries

The default value is “0”. This means that a task that is not completed before the deadline according to the definition, will go back to the previous one or end at the given activity.

Value of “1” is one additional chance; “2” is two, that is, including the base time, three cycles, etc.

Note: when sending a task the user can change the execution time set in the definition once. This change will only affect the first cycle. If retries have been set, they will last as long as it was assumed for this activity in the process definition.

Each time a user fails to complete a task that has the retry option enabled (value greater than 0) they will receive an email notification informing them that they have just been given an additional chance to complete it.

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