Searcher – a new role in Dew-X


Several clients reported to us the need to enable selected users to search among all process instances, not just those in which the searcher participated.

Of course, there has always been such a possibility. However, it was associated with the need to give these people administrative powers. This, in turn, meant that together with the search, such people gained the ability to change the permissions of other users, change task performers, edit process definitions, and finally delete instances, and even entire processes.

We decided to remedy this by introducing a new role: searcher (Search)

Roles changing in Dew-X

From now on, in the user panel, the Owner or Admin can assign the role of “Search” to any person, giving them the described permissions.

Who should be given this role? For example:

  • secretarial staff
  • assistants
  • accountant

You can read more about roles and permissions here: click

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