Parallel activities


What to do when many different activities should be performed at the same time by several different departments/people?

For example, payment and accounting at an external accounting office should be done in parallel.

There are at least two ways to achieve this goal.

1. Each task can be delegated to multiple users instead of one. In this case, it is always decided whether the actions of one (any of them) or everyone are required. The form on such a step could include fields for multiple “departments”, such as a checkbox: Has a payment been made? (Yes/No) and fields for the accounting office. Everyone would fill in their own.

These fields would have to be optional (not required) for the process to go forward.

2. One or more of these users can always or sometimes (there will not always be such a need – there are prepaid invoices) be added CC ( on a particular step – such information can be displayed in the body of the form in the form of instructions. The effect will be that, for example, the person responsible for payments will receive a notification that a DW has been added and will have access to this instance. They will not have any task to perform, but will be able to use all the collected data, so, for example, perform a transfer. The process at that time will already be in the accounting office, which will take care of the posting.  For the sake of order, you can add another “Confirmation of payment” after the “Posting” step, on which the person responsible for payments, already after the fact, can check the checkbox: Was the payment made? (Yes/No) and completes the entire process instance.

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