Default user


Default executor of activities in the document flow process

One of the Dew-X users pointed out to us (for which we would like to thank you) that it would be useful to have the option to indicate, when creating or editing a process, who is to be the default executor of the selected activity.

We decided that this is a legitimate request, which was entered on the list for execution and has been implemented.

How it’s working?

If a given activity is to be performed by a specific user by default, then when creating or editing a process, you can select it from the list:

default user
Dew-X workflow system and file archive

The list will only include users from inside the Organization, but if they have not accepted to join it yet, it will not be possible to select them. During the process flow, the person performing the task will be able to change the addressee or indicate multiple addressees for the next activity.

The functionality is now available in the system.

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