Case handling


Business background

We were contacted by a law firm that handles many of its clients’ cases at the same time.

The goal was to optimize the flow of cases and control them.

A particular challenge was the different time taken to complete the tasks:

  • critically short – in the case of verification of incoming cases and handling of objections,
  • unpredictably long – in the cases in court (such cases can last for months, often even years).

Some tasks are performed inside the company and some are outsourced.


Dew-X turned out to be a bull’s eye.

A nine-step process was established: from registration, through verification, various specialist activities such as objections, setting dates for hearings, and ending with recording the verdict.

The forms are built to anticipate all possible contingencies, including adding multiple files at different stages of the process.

Two standard features of Dew-X deserve separate attention, which came in handy in this case:

  1. Ability to control the completion date of a given task.
    Well, when designing a process, we can set a default date, after which the task will return to the previous activity or be automatically terminated. These declared dates may be very distant. In this case, for one of the steps, it was set to 43,800 hours, or 5 years 🙂
    Of course, nothing prevents you from completing it earlier or shortening the default deadline by submitting this task.
  2. Possibility of involving external persons in the process in a given Organization.
    You can read more about it in chapter Roles i Users Knowledgebases.

Above standard

The law firm reported one need that could not be satisfied within the standard Dew-X functionalities.
They wanted cases to be set automatically after the client fills out the form on the website.

This functionality was provided by the BlueDew team as separate, paid order.

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