Reporting is an important functionality of workflow systems

Reporting does not affect the process itself, but makes it much easier to analyze. First of all, it allows you to extract the data that is collected in the flow.

In systems that must be universal and in which users create processes themselves and modify them many times, coming up with reporting mechanisms is quite a challenge.

This was also the case with Dew-X . Our discussions on this topic began at the very beginning of this project. Along the way, there were a few concepts and finally a decision on the path we would follow.

The final effect of our work is already in the application – reports are available from the level of a selected process, via the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

We have decided that the reports will be delivered as MS Excel files. Thanks to this, immediately after their generation, you will be able to perform further operations such as summing, filtering, sorting, creating pivot tables, charts, etc., etc.

Raport w Dew-X

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