How much is 100 MB?


Is it little or a lot of space?

As lawyers say – it depends.

Many processes are not accompanied by documents. Such processes weigh little. 100 MB may therefore be enough for years, and additionally assuming that not all of them have to be archived, it may turn out that by gradually removing old instances of processes, there will never be a need to enlarge the space.

The situation is different with processes in which documents (PDF) and other types of files appear. In the case of documents, their weight depends on many factors, e.g. the number of pages, whether they are scans, how they were made, whether they contain graphics, are they in color, etc., etc.

In the popular invoice flow process, it may look like this – an invoice generated from the accounting system usually weighs 30-100 KB, and an amateur scan with a cell 200-500 KB. Our experience shows that on average you can take 200 KB per document. Simply put, this means that 100 MB is enough for 500 invoices. This is really a lot – if your company has 100 cost invoices a month, the free space will be enough even for several months. Later, for a small amount of money, you will buy a corresponding package of additional disk space.

Of course, if audio files (e.g., helpdesk calls), video (e.g. monitoring recordings), AutoCAD (e.g. 3D projects) are added to your processes, the free space will run out quickly and you may have to pay several hundred dollars a year for additional packages.

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