Dew-X was multilingual from the beginning, which did not mean that it could be used in any language.
To make it possible, we first had to do translations, not only inside the system, but also websites or user manuals.

We planned the release of the EN version for the last quarter of this year and that’s what we did 🙂
From now on, when creating a new account, you can choose English or Polish. If you are already a user of the application, you can change the language at any time in the menu on the left, under the initials or the avatar, using the “Account settings” option.

We have also prepared several process templates in English.


In a given organization, there may be people who speak different languages. The language is chosen for the user, not the organization, so anyone can use Dew-X without any problems.

Remember, however, that in this case, the process forms you have created (names of fields, plugs, descriptions, etc.) should take into account the fact that foreign-speaking people will use them. One possibility is to use both languages simultaneously.

We did this for two processes in the Dew-X#0000 organization to which each user belongs. These are Ideas / Pomysły oraz Report an error / Zgłoś błąd. You can be inspired by them when creating or modifying your own.

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