Public and private organizations


In Dew-X, all organizations were public, which meant any system user could search for them and ask for permission to join them. The decision was made by its owner or administrators.
The expectation was that some organizations could be hidden.
In fact, there are many situations where it is justified.
Therefore, we have introduced an appropriate change.

Organizations can now be Public or Private.

Private cannot be searched, so in order to join private ones you need to get an invitation from their member. The decision whether an organization will be public or private is made at the stage of its creation or subsequent editing.

By the way, we introduced the ability to rename the organization.

If after creating an Organization it is necessary to change its name or status (public / private), you can do so from the screen:

Note: when changing the name or status of the Organization, the system will also change the #number each time. This change will not affect the existing processes, files, data, or its members.

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