Invoice workflow


This is one of the most popular business processes implemented during the implementation of workflow systems.

It occurs in almost every organization.

The flow of cost (purchase) invoices is the first and obvious process that is recommended for optimization using a document workflow system. As the organization develops, their number increases, so traditional methods of working with these documents are no longer effective.

It usually proceeds according to the following scheme:

  • Invoice registration
  • Descriptions
  • Acceptances
  • Accounting verification

Often, the workflow system is integrated with the financial and accounting system in order to place data there after processing the invoice.

Reasons to implement electronic workflow of financial documents:

  • cost control and optimization
  • large number of invoices received
  • distributed organizational structure
  • complex acceptance process
  • dynamic growth of the company
  • optimization of other internal processes
  • integration of the cost description and acceptance process with other systems, e.g. financial and accounting
  • integration with other processes, e.g. purchasing
Invoices and proforms diagram
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