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Highlighted fields

As you probably know from the Knowledge Base, when creating or modifying a process definition you should specify from 1 to 3 variables (“Highlighted fields” option) that are worth showing on the tab of a given process instance

highlighted fields

For vacation requests, this can be, for example: name, last name and date range, and for invoices: name, tax ID and net amount. These fields will be visible on the task tab without going into its details.

The view of task cards presented on the dashboard is different from the instance card visible in a given process. There is less space on it, among other things, because it also contains the name of the organization and the name of the process.

Many system users reported to us the need to also “stuff” highlighted variables on this tab.

We did it!

From now on, when you hover over an icon

ikona i

highlighted fields will appear on the tooltip, and when you click on this icon, they will be displayed in a small window:

Highlighted fields in Dew-X

This functionality is also available in the mobile version.

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