Advisors, consultants, specialists!


Some of the Dew-X users are very active. Some even give us ideas.

However, there is a group of people / companies who, despite the fact that the tool is very simple, cannot or does not have the courage to adapt it to their own needs.

This is a normal feeling when we reach for something new. Especially in an area that has so far been associated with something very complicated.

Thus, a field opens up for the implementation of paid consulting services that go far beyond the Dew-X configuration, and extend to the broadly understood area of ​​process optimization.

We can do it, but other professional advisors (companies or individuals) can also do it, using the Dew-X to make its offer more attractive and enhance the effects of the work done.

What can we offer?

  • training
  • Certificate (after completing the training and passing the exam)
  • placing on a special subpage a Certified consultant’s business card with a description of the services he provides and contact details.

All of the above – free of charge for a limited time.

It is obvious that the inclusion of a free workflow and file archive system (also in parallel with other solutions) by customers in the offer of services significantly increases the value of these services.

What will you gain?

  • new knowledge and skills
  • you will make your offer more attractive
  • you will add a new promotion channel for your brand

If you are a professional advisor, consultant or specialist working in the area of ​​organization and management, and in particular process optimization, and you find this “trailer” of the bountiful harvest season interesting, please contact us – we will arrange an interview.

We want to start with a small, exclusive group – don’t hesitate!

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