Searching by users


The advanced search engine allowed searching for process instances using many parameters, such as:

  • Type – you can choose All, only Ongoing or only Completed Instances
  • Start Dates – select the range
  • End dates – select the range
  • Identifier – if you are looking for a specific instance and you know its number, enter it in this field (you can read more about the identifier here: click)
  • Phrase – enter any phrase, the system will search the database for it.

However, there was a need to searching also by user.


There are many reasons, e.g. absence (vacation, pregnancy, change of job, illness, etc.). Searching for tasks that are held by a given user will allow you to delegate them to another person.

Sometimes this type of search may have audit value – we will find out what matters a given user was dealing with, e.g. in a given time period.

Therefore, we have introduced two additional search parameters:

  • Currently at User – search for instances of processes that are currently at the given person
  • User – search for instances in which the indicated person participated in the flow or which were added CC

More about searching here

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