Ending an instance during a process


Ending a process on an activity

Let’s imagine such a situation – there is a need to implement a recruitment process in Dew-X consisting of many activities that can be divided into certain stages, e.g .:

  1. Candidate registration
  2. Analysis of sent documents
  3. Interview
  4. Employment decision
  5. Conclusion of the contract

There may be several steps in each stage, e.g. in the Employment Decision: the decision of the supervisor and the decision of the department director.

It is easy to imagine that with such a process structure, there may be a business justification for completing it before the end, e.g. because the candidate has changed his mind, does not meet the requirements or has not been approved by the supervisor.

So far, we recommended that the processes created in Dew-X should be shorter – that is, correspond to stages. In this case, however, at the start of a given stage, you would have to enter data from earlier stages. Alternatively, at steps where the process instance could be terminated, instead of the default Undo option, you could select Finish for the “If the task is not completed over time” event. Then, if the person to whom we transfer the candidate’s data would not like to continue the employment process, ignoring the task, would automatically terminate this instance of the process after the set time, e.g. 72 hours.

However, let’s agree that both ways are not optimal.

Therefore, we have introduced a change that allows us to predict the possibility of ending a process instance by the user at a selected activities

To allow such a possibility, when creating or editing a process, on a selected activity, in the “Change activity data” menu, select Yes in “The process can be ended at this activity” section

You can do this at one or more different activities in the process.

Thanks to this, the person performing the given task will see “Next” with two options instead of “Send”:

By selecting “End”, the process instance will be terminated and archived.

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