What is the difference between the free and paid version?


The global version of Dew-X has everything you need to run and use the document workflow for free.

Some Dew-X users ask us if it is possible to install the system on their own servers.

The answer to this question is: YES

Such installations already exist and are doing very well. However, for a number of quite obvious reasons, they are not offered for free.

So the next question arises, what is the difference between these two versions?

The main differences are presented in the table:

Paid or free Dew-X

As you can see, there may be at least a few reasons why you should consider the paid version. These three are the most common:

  • I must or prefer to have documents on a server under my control
  • I need specific functionality not found in Dew-X
  • I want to integrate with my other systems in a way that is not available in the global version

If you are interested in the paid version of the system, write to us: hello@dew-x.com or fill out and send the contact form

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