Mobile first!

Work-life balance

Many workflow systems are not adapted to work on mobile devices at all or the functionalities available in this way are very limited.

There is nothing unusual about it, and this is due to the fact that:

  • some processes are based on documents
    This means that the operator, e.g. a secretary or clerk, should simultaneously see a preview of the document and be able to fill in a form. Handling this on a phone is not comfortable
  • most of the popular workflow systems were created when the term “mobile first” was not even known
  • It is hard to create or edit processes on a small screen
  • the number of devices and operating systems is enormous and may generate a number of problems with the system’s operation

When creating Dew-X, we were in a privileged position:

  1. A significant part of the team working on Dew-X, previously created and implemented classic workflow systems
  2. The application that installs on mobile devices is Progressive Web App (PWA)
  3. From the very beginning we were guided by the idea of “mobile first”

Thanks to this, no matter where in the universe you are, as long as you have access to the Internet, you can take part in the business processes of your organization.

Great. How to get started?