Dictionaries are a special type of plugin that allows you to put fields with a defined list of values and labels on forms. This can be, for example, a list of cars, employees, customers, suppliers, locations, projects, cost centers, case types, etc. It seems to be quite similar to another plugin – Selection list. However, there are at least a few situations where Dictionaries will be a better choice than a simple selection list. For example, when:
  • the list changes quite often
  • the same list is used in several different processes
  • in addition to the value, the list items should also have a description
Preparation of the dictionary The Dictionaries module can be found after selecting the Administration icon in the main menu:   The new Dictionaries we create using the Add button Then we name it: Add dictionary Dictionaries list From here we can:
  • rename each dictionary
  • disable / enable its visibility
  • edit its contents
Note: Dictionaries cannot be deleted. If you no longer need the dictionary, you have two options – change it (rename and change its contents) or disable its visibility. Import from file This is the fastest way to create or edit a dictionary, especially when the dictionary contains multiple entries. Preparing an MS Excel file is quite simple. However, there are a few important rules to keep in mind:
  • the system always retrieves data from the first sheet, regardless of its name (even if it’s called Sheet2 and Sheet1 is the second one)
  • the system skips the first line, treating it as a header (use it like this and don’t put your data there)
  • the system will always treat the data from the first column as values, and the second column as labels
  • after importing the dictionary, you will be able to edit it, including adding new lines and deleting unnecessary lines
Xlsx example Other remarks:
  • the “Value” field must not be repeated, it must be unique in a given dictionary
  • the “Value” field must have a value for each row
  • the “Label” field for a given line can be left blank
Import dictionary values Dictionary values list Using a dictionary during editing a process Dictionaries are one of the plugins (more about plugins). Add extension Name the dictionary field, for example: “Select a car from the list” and select a dictionary from the list of available dictionaries. Select dictionary If you are not sure if you have used the correct dictionary – check it on the form preview (menu on the right). Form preview Publish a version of the process. Whenever you change this dictionary in the future, the new values and descriptions (labels) will appear wherever it is used.