Being the owner or administrator of a given Organization, you can:
  • invite new users (+ Add)
  • accept requests to join from new users
  • change the permissions of the members of the Organization
  • disconnect members of the Organization
To do this, use the users panel available from the main menu on the left side by selecting the icon: Użytkownicy - ikona w menu Note: If you are not the administrator or owner of any Organization, this button will not be available to you. It will also disappear when you switch to an Organization where you do not have these permissions. Użytkownicy systemu workflkow Dew-X


last names and e-mail addresses have been hidden From here, you can perform all the operations described above. When adding a new user, you must enter his e-mail address

Użytkownicy w obiegu dokumentów i spraw Dew-X

Until he accepts your invitation, it will be presented on the list of users as follows: first name – identifier, e.g. john.smith, last name: email domain, e.g. After accepting, the data declared by them will be displayed in these fields. Select the edit icon for a given user and change their role and status Outside / Inside the Organization Użytkownicy w obiegu dokumentów i spraw Dew-X You can read more about the roles and rights in the System here: click