Process templates

In order to speed up and facilitate the creation of new processes in your organizations, we have prepared several ready-made templates. In the new processes creator/builder, more here select path 2. Use template Use template Then select one of the templates Templates list On the left, you will find templates prepared by the Dew-X team, and on the right, those that will be created automatically based on your processes, including those created by modifying Dew-X templates and uploaded from a file. The templates prepared by the Dew-X team will be successively supplemented. At the moment these are
  • Approval of a contract
  • Satisfaction research
  • Office of incoming letters
  • Messages
  • Flow of cost invoices
  • Ideas
  • Vacation on request
  • Occasional holidays
  • Annual leave
  • Advance
  • Demand
  • Error report
Each of them includes a short description. It is very likely that the template we have prepared will require modification to suit your organization perfectly. After selecting a given process as a template, you can edit it (more about editing an existing process: click ).