Completing tasks – new task in a process

If someone has sent you a task to be performed in a given process in a given Organization, you will find it in the My Board view They are undertaken by clicking on the arrow in the lower right corner on the task card. Tasks also go to the view of a given process. The tab may then look like this: The form of our activity will be displayed, e.g. this: Acceptance form We can view the data collected in the previous activities by switching between forms or by using the “Data” button This moving preview will in many cases make it easier for us to complete the current form. After filling it out, select “Send”. Note: if it is possible to end the process at a given activity (although there are further activities), then instead of “Send”, “Next” will appear with two options: Next options By selecting “Send”, a window will appear: Send form In this window, we can change the scheduled time for the next activity, add comments and indicate the person (or many people) to whom we want to send the task. Note: The “Send to” field may be filled in with the so-called default performer of the next activity. However, you can still change the recipient. If we have administrative rights (more about roles and rights: click ) in a given Organization, we can also invite new members who are not on the list from this level by clicking on the person icon on the right Add user 1 Important: Specify whether you want the user to be inside or outside your organization Outside or inside organization More about the users here: click Remember that until you send it, you can always roll back the task to any previous activity Return activity Each task can be send to one or more people. If you send to multiple people, the following window will appear: By selecting “No,” the task will proceed (to the next activity) immediately after being completed by any of the designated persons. If “Yes” is chosen, the task will wait until all designated persons provide their input, but only until the predetermined time for that task has elapsed. After the time has elapsed:
  • If at least one of the designated persons has provided their input, the task will proceed. In such a case, the next activity performer will see the following message:
  • If no one has provided their input, according to the decision specified in the process definition, the task will return to the previous activity or the process instance will be terminated.
After sending, you will find this task in the process view in the In progress or Completed section, depending on whether your activity was or was not the last one. More information about task states in process you will find here