In the Dew-X system, an Organization is a formal entity (company, institution, foundation, association, etc.) or informal (e.g. a social group) defined for the purposes of using the System. Organizations are created by users. Everyone can create many of them. They can also be a member of multiple organizations that have been created by other users. Each User automatically becomes a member of the Dew-X Organization and potentially others created by the Operator. These organizations can be used to handle the processes related to the functioning of the System, e.g. to report errors, comments, ideas, correspondence, settlements, etc You can read more about the roles and permissions of users here: Roles and users The available Organizations are visible when you click the icon Ikona Organizacji in the main menu on the left side of the screen. You can join many already existing Organizations. To do this, select “Join organization” in the menu and enter at least three characters, and a list of public Organizations will be displayed, but note: to join an existing Organization, your accession must be approved by its administrator – we will send your request to they. From this point you can choose the Organization you want to work for at the moment. organizations In the view: My board, you can also switch between organizations in the menu on the right side of the screen. organizations right menu You can read about creating new organizations here: click Read more about the users here: click