My board

This is the first view you will see when logging in. If you don’t have any tasks to do, it will look like this: dashboard Everything will change when the tasks start arriving dashboard tasks What you will find on it depends on many factors, e.g. whether you have joined an existing organization, have you created your own organization, are there tasks to be completed, etc. On the left side you can see a collapsed menu panel. We call it the toothbrush. toothbrush Its core allows access to the following functions toothbrush descript The second column is the processes to which you have access in a given organization expand toothbrush The number next to the process icon is the amount of tasks you have to complete. By clicking on the name of a given process, you will enter the view from which you will be able to:
  1. Complete tasks
  2. Create new tasks in a given process
  3. Edit this process (if you have permission to do so). More about editing a process: click
The second menu can be found on the right side of the screen Right menu descript Not all of its positions are always visible. For example, the view can be like this: right menu start An important element of My Board are the task tabs visible in the Closer to deadline section. Your tasks are there, of all your organizations, for which you have the least time to complete. Task tab card description Below this section you will find a list of tasks to be completed by you in the current Organization mine in current