Completing tasks – starting a process

A previously prepared process (more about creating processes: here) can be started by any member of a given Organization. We enter a specific process through the menu on the left My company processes We will be taken to its view Start process Pressing “+ Click to start” will open the form of the first activity of the process, for example: First form After filling it in, select “Send” Send form In this window, we can change the scheduled time for the next activity, add comments and indicate the person (or people) to whom we want to send the task. If we have administrative rights (more about roles and rights: click) in a given Organization, we can also invite new members who are not on the list from this level by clicking on the person icon on the right Add user 1 Important: Specify whether the user is to be inside or outside your organization Outside or inside organization More about the users here: click After sending, you will find this task in the process view in the In progress or Completed section, depending on whether your activity was or was not the last one In progress and completed