Archive – creating directories / folders

You can create multiple directories / folders by specifying different permissions and forms for each of them. While in a given Organization, select the File archive icon from the main menu on the left side of the screen. Then click on the “Create folder” tab   Select the icon that distinguishes the given directory (note: do not look for a substantive relationship – the icons are only used to quickly distinguish folders) and name the directory, e.g. Agreements. Both the name and the icon can be changed later.   In the next activity, you can define the permissions of individual people to a given folder and its files. Add users belonging to a given Organization and decide if they can add, edit and delete files and folders. Note: Owner and Administrators have full permissions by default – you don’t need to add them to this list.   The last activity is to build a form to describe individual files in a given folder. Building it carefully will be very useful in the future use of the Archive. You can choose from many predefined field types, such as text, number, amount, selection: yes / no, date, date range, link, and e-mail.   You can preview the appearance of the form and modify it in this view at any time File archive preview form When you finish building the form, all you need to do is select the highlighted fields, i.e. 1-3, which will be displayed on the tabs of individual documents. File archive highlighted fields Finish creating with the Publish button