Flexibility, the ability to adapt to existing processes, as it has been previously developed over the years. Involvement of a business owner who personally held a video conference of the rapid implementation.
I like using the dew-x program because it has many features and is easy to use.
Dew-x is a good program for me.
DMS and Invoice management.
Easy and ready for customisation. Clear user interface.
Intuitive operation, high program customization.
Everything is ok, depending on your needs.
Product is easy to use, simple and transparent. Very pleasure to use.
Very easy of use and intuitive. Made my job easier.
I like working on a black desktop but maybe I didn’t find an option to change it.
I am very pleased with the range of possibilities.
Possibility to create your own templates.
Possibility of having full control over the process in the company.
Procurement process – acceptance, approval and cost control.
Customization and fiting for my needs / processes.
It is much easier for me to manage various processes and create new ones.
A very attractive price for the product and the possibilities it offers.
Great price-quality ratio. Fast contact. Good UX – overall it is a decent product.
Dew-X is efficient and effective in action.
We were looking for a simple workflow system that we could configure ourselves. Dew-X works great for us. At the beginning, we used ready-made process templates. Templates can be easily modified and extended according to your needs. Building the process takes as much time as your morning coffee 🙂
We started with the customer service process. Thanks to Dew-X, we can carry out support requests and new orders from existing customers. We plan to implement other internal processes eventually. Pros:
  • Free
  • Incredible ability to create and edit processes
  • Unlimited users even in the free version.
The biggest advantages, apart from a very good, easy to customize workflow, were the implementation time, costs and cooperation with the Dew-X team. On a daily basis we are using the contract workflow and recruitment process. Thanks to the fact that we were able to set the appropriate process ourselves, it is perfectly suited to our everyday needs. Possibility to set customized processes with samples Instruction for Users or Admin – readable and transparent Dew-X support. Good price for very good quality.
I am using DEW-X without training. It is easy to understand where actions are necessary. I can implement new workflow processs regardless of supplier availability. I change steps and actions. Templates are helpful too. I see my task handling. Who is working on them. I know when my commitment is needed.
I was looking for a simple, cheap and intuitive application to manage my small educational company. DEW-X helped me understand the processes taking place in my company from scratch and model them effectively, improve work and document flow, and increase customer satisfaction. The simplicity of creating forms is a great advantage of the system. Professional service and good cooperation distinguish this company from the competition.
This software development company stands out for its highly skilled team, delivering top-quality solutions tailored to clients’ needs. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on innovation ensure a competitive edge in the industry. I have not noticed any flaws in the functioning of this company, and so far, the collaboration has been excellent.
It does not charge the other systems. The cost of implementing is very low.
Cheap and easy to set-up and use. Great contact point that allows to quickly solve issues.