Virtual offices, external mailing offices and coworking are great solutions.
They allow, among other things, to outsource correspondence handling.

How does it work?

After signing a contract with a virtual office, external mailing office or coworking space, the company starts using its address as its own – using it as a correspondence address.
Therefore, letters, parcels and other shipments are sent directly to this address.


And here comes several IT needs.

  1. Received correspondence should be registered
  2. The addressee should be informed about the arrival of the parcel
  3. If the scope of the service so provides, the recipient should be able to view its content remotely


Each of these needs can be easily met by the Dew-X system, and it’s free!

How to configure it?

It’s very simple and intuitive, but anyway, just in case, for ease of use, we provide links to the instructions at each point

  1. Create an account with Dew-X
    How to do it?
  2. Create a new Organization (e.g. Our Office)
    After registering, the system will suggest it to you, if you ignore this offer, here you will learn how to do it at any time
  3. Create a new process (e.g. by uploading it from a file – more on that below)
    The system will propose it to you, but if you ignore this proposal, here you will learn how to do it later
  4. Invite users
    Note: your staff – as people from inside the Organization, and customers as people from outside the Organization)
    How to do it?

that’s all!

Incoming Letter in Dew-X

How to use?

Completing tasks – starting a process
Completing tasks – new task in a process
Completing tasks – last activity in a process

Something extra

For those who take advantage, we have two great offers (for free):

  1. We will send you a ready process template (just upload it)
  2. We will help in configuration as part of remote consultations

Ta propozycja jest ograniczona w czasie, więc nie zwlekajcie

Already have a correspondence system?
Great – check if Dew-X will give you and your clients additional value.
We are sure that it will – you will optimize your other internal processes.

You can read more about Dew-X here:

Dew-X was multilingual from the beginning, which did not mean that it could be used in any language.
To make it possible, we first had to do translations, not only inside the system, but also websites or user manuals.

We planned the release of the EN version for the last quarter of this year and that’s what we did 🙂
From now on, when creating a new account, you can choose English or Polish. If you are already a user of the application, you can change the language at any time in the menu on the left, under the initials or the avatar, using the “Account settings” option.

We have also prepared several process templates in English.


In a given organization, there may be people who speak different languages. The language is chosen for the user, not the organization, so anyone can use Dew-X without any problems.

Remember, however, that in this case, the process forms you have created (names of fields, plugs, descriptions, etc.) should take into account the fact that foreign-speaking people will use them. One possibility is to use both languages simultaneously.

We did this for two processes in the Dew-X#0000 organization to which each user belongs. These are Ideas / Pomysły oraz Report an error / Zgłoś błąd. You can be inspired by them when creating or modifying your own.

At the invitation of GFKM of the Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development, a webinar about Dew-X will take place on October 11, 2022 at 12:00.

Thanks to him:

  • you will understand what is r-evolution in workflow
  • you will learn how workflow systems support the optimization of processes in companies
  • you will learn how to create and modify processes in Dew- X
  • if you are an employee – you will shine in your organization
  • if you are an business advisor – you will make your offer more attractive

Registration via the website dewx /

List of cars, employees, customers, suppliers, locations, projects, cost centers, types of cases …

We agree that it is worth being able to include such lists on forms in the document and case workflow processes.

Of course, and earlier it was possible using the “Selection list” plugin, which allows you to add a field containing a defined list, from which the user, when filling in the form, selects a value. In many cases, this functionality was sufficient.

However, there are at least a few situations where Dictionaries will be a better choice than a simple picklist. For example, when:

  • the list changes quite often,
  • the same list is used in several different processes,
  • in addition to the value, the list items should also have a description.


How to add and edit Dictionaries in Dew-X and many useful hints can be found in the Knowledge Base

Many people ask us if Dew-X can be integrated with other systems.

The answer is: YES

Simple integrations can be done with Authorization tokens and Webhooks.

The more complex ones, e.g. with financial and accounting systems, mobile applications or CRMs, are possible with the use of API.

API stands for application programming interface. It is an application programming interface through which programs can communicate with each other.

Dew-X has API documentation found here: click


There are new functionalities for more initiated users and consultants helping with complex Dew-X implementations.

These are Webhooks and Authorization tokens

What are they and what are they for?


Thanks to them, you can execute actions in Dew-X from external systems.

You can generate them in the user menu:

My token

If this topic is black magic, do not worry, because this functionality does not negatively affect the standard use of Dew-X 

If, however, you would like to learn more about it – write to us.

Dzięki nim można wywoływać akcje w Dew-X z zewnętrznych systemów.

Wygenerujesz je w menu użytkownika:

Generowanie tokenow w Dew-X
Nowy token autoryzacyjny w Dew-X


They allow actions initiated with Dew-X to be invoked on external systems.

You will find places to place them when creating or editing a process, at each of its activities, in the side panel on the right:

Webhook w Dew-X

Both functionalities can be used without our participation and at no additional cost.

If this topic is black magic, do not worry, because this functionality does not negatively affect the standard use of Dew-X 

If, however, you would like to learn more about it – write to us.

In Dew-X, all organizations were public, which meant any system user could search for them and ask for permission to join them. The decision was made by its owner or administrators.
The expectation was that some organizations could be hidden.
In fact, there are many situations where it is justified.
Therefore, we have introduced an appropriate change.

Organizations can now be Public or Private.

Private cannot be searched, so in order to join private ones you need to get an invitation from their member. The decision whether an organization will be public or private is made at the stage of its creation or subsequent editing.

By the way, we introduced the ability to rename the organization.

If after creating an Organization it is necessary to change its name or status (public / private), you can do so from the screen:

Note: when changing the name or status of the Organization, the system will also change the #number each time. This change will not affect the existing processes, files, data, or its members.

Dew-X is to be an element of the master’s thesis.

Apparently it’s not something unusual, but considering that it happens less than six months after the project starts, it’s quite nice.

We do not know in what context and in what light it will be presented – whether as a completely new, revolutionary approach to workflow, or as one of many systems. Either way, we keep our fingers crossed for the job to be good.

By the way, I encourage other students to write about Dew-X.
If necessary, we will help 🙂

During one of the consultations, when we created ad hoc processes together with the users, the idea arose to build a process based on a shared document, edited during the process by each of the parties.

Dew-X doesn’t have built-in editing and tracking tools… and it doesn’t have to!
There are some very good software on the market that can handle it perfectly.
Dew-X focuses on workflow, which is what it does best.

Does this mean that it is impossible to work on a shared document during the process, e.g. a contract in the form of MS Word?
On the contrary – the edited document may wander in the process in the form of a link to which the user will have easy access from the forms of the process.

The constructed process of creating a contract looked like this:

  1. Entering contract data
  2. Data confirmation
  3. Creation of a contract document
  4. Acceptance of the contract
  5. Legal acceptance
  6. Blocking a document for editing (adding an agreement as an attachment, e.g. in PDF form)

One might think that the same can be done with email.
Sure you can. You can also use traditional mail 🙂
However, when creating contracts in the workflow system, we have a simple and quick access to all developed documents and history – you know who, when and what accepted, what comments they had, etc. You do not need to look for this information in the post office, especially since it may be the mail of people who are no longer working in the organization.
An additional benefit is reporting that is often unavailable in other tools.

Some of the Dew-X users are very active. Some even give us ideas.

However, there is a group of people / companies who, despite the fact that the tool is very simple, cannot or does not have the courage to adapt it to their own needs.

This is a normal feeling when we reach for something new. Especially in an area that has so far been associated with something very complicated.

Thus, a field opens up for the implementation of paid consulting services that go far beyond the Dew-X configuration, and extend to the broadly understood area of ​​process optimization.

We can do it, but other professional advisors (companies or individuals) can also do it, using the Dew-X to make its offer more attractive and enhance the effects of the work done.

What can we offer?

  • training
  • Certificate (after completing the training and passing the exam)
  • placing on a special subpage a Certified consultant’s business card with a description of the services he provides and contact details.

All of the above – free of charge for a limited time.

It is obvious that the inclusion of a free workflow and file archive system (also in parallel with other solutions) by customers in the offer of services significantly increases the value of these services.

What will you gain?

  • new knowledge and skills
  • you will make your offer more attractive
  • you will add a new promotion channel for your brand

If you are a professional advisor, consultant or specialist working in the area of ​​organization and management, and in particular process optimization, and you find this “trailer” of the bountiful harvest season interesting, please contact us – we will arrange an interview.

We want to start with a small, exclusive group – don’t hesitate!