Namespaces – creating and editing

Namespaces are entities that bind data, processes and documents, but do not have workflow mechanisms of their own. Namespaces are intended to allow the creation of entities such as clients, projects, as well as working time records or a register of incoming letters. They allow you to create objects with similar features to workflow forms, but managed and presented differently. You can read more about Namespaces here In the menu, select the Namespace icon and then + Build Namespace You can use a file with a previously saved Namespace template or use the wizard. You must select an icon, specify a name and a 3-5 character prefix. In the next step, we determine who will have access to a given Space. Note: Users with the Owner and Admin role have full access regardless of settings. In the next step, we build the form in a similar way for forms occurring in processes. We have Fields and some Plugins available. Finish editing with the Publish button If you need to edit the definition in the future, use the gear button (in the desktop version in the lower right corner of the screen). Note: In Namespaces you can only edit the labels and required / not required status of previously created fields and plugins. If a field or plugin requires more editing, e.g. changing the type, dictionary, selection list, etc. turn off its visibility and add another one according to current requirements.