Namespaces – adding and editing records

We add records in a Namespace directly from the tabular view of a given Namespace using the + Add button A new record is created by filling out a form whose template was prepared when editing a given Namespace. Note: User can: – complete the form: the record will be saved with the values – exit the form: the record will be created, but will not have any fields filled in – delete a record: it will not be listed in the given Namespace In Namespaces, in each case the next number after the prefix will be assigned (and therefore blocked). To enter the details of a given item, use the arrow at the beginning of each row of the table view. From this level we can also edit a given line and view additional information such as:
  •      history
  •      comments
  •      used in instances
  •      used in other namespaces
  •      visibility (available to the creator, Owner and Admins)