Archive – using

Being in a given Organization, select the File archive icon from the main menu. If we have the appropriate permissions, all directories / folders of a given Organization to which we have access will appear on the main screen.   Note: The “+ Create folder” tile may not be visible if we do not have permission to create directories / folders. After entering the appropriate folder, all documents will be displayed, which can then be searched by the phrase (magnifying glass in the lower right corner), filtered (described / not described / all). You can read about advanced search here: click By clicking on the three dots in the lower right corner of the tab, we will go to the details of a given document, including the view if it is available for a given file format. If a given user is authorized to modify the description or delete the file, he will be able to do it in this view. If not, he will only be able to read the document and download it.